DANP for your Payroll Services

Navigating the complexities of time and attendance data can make payroll management daunting. However, overlooking this is not an option. Our company recognizes the importance of efficient payroll processing, encompassing timely payment, employee support, and expert knowledge of US employment regulations at all levels.
Our comprehensive payroll processing outsourcing services will handle your payroll needs seamlessly, allowing you to focus on core business functions. We go the extra mile by optimizing operational capabilities to ensure your payroll process remains consistently accurate and hassle-free. Leave your payroll worries to us and experience unmatched efficiency.

Outsourcing that makes life easy and hassle-free

Embrace the power of our robust payroll processing outsourcing, offering comprehensive solutions to tackle even the most intricate bottlenecks effortlessly. Our expertise spans various crucial aspects:

Payroll Management:

From meticulous timesheet review to precise payroll computation, encompassing overtime, bonuses, and more. We efficiently manage employment taxes, state income tax, statutory deductions, and related complexities. Tailoring to your needs, we provide flexible payroll schedules – weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or yearly.

Record Supervision:

We excel in setting up and maintaining software master details, covering essential employee information such as name, address, filing status, dependents, tax details, insurance deductions, salary rates, and more. Our vigilant maintenance extends to the Payroll register daily, ensuring immaculate records.

Payroll Advisory:

Entrust your payroll tax compliances to our seasoned professionals. We provide accurate guidance and ensure seamless handling of all payroll-related tax matters.

Payroll Accounting:

Our team records payroll transactions in your books immediately after processing them precisely and promptly. Monthly reconciliation of payroll liabilities guarantees meticulous financial management.

Payroll Accounting

Our team ensures that payroll transactions are reflected in the books as soon as payroll is processed. Our team reconciles the payroll liabilities amount every month.

Payroll Data Maintenance:

Rest easy as we meticulously preserve and update your complete payroll data. Changes in laws, statutory bonuses, or severance pay are seamlessly incorporated, ensuring compliance at all times.

Payroll Tax Reporting:

Leave the deadlines and status reports to us. We diligently track due dates, manage payments, and maintain comprehensive records, ensuring a smooth tax reporting process.

Payroll Reconciliation:

Our dedicated staff performs quarterly and annual reconciliations, aligning book payroll amounts with payroll tax reports like Form 941 and 940.

Choose Us Because

  • Team of specialists with extensive knowledge in accounting, taxes, and finance.
  • A major provider of outsourced payroll solutions for CPA and accounting firms across the US.
  • Personalized and scalable payroll services tailored to businesses’ unique demands.
  • Handling tax, legislative, and labor compliance with utmost proficiency.
  • Cutting-edge technological infrastructure for efficient payroll processing.
  • Commitment to delivering timely outcomes, going above and beyond expectations.
  • Expertise in payroll software such as GUSTO, ADP, Intuit, Paychex, Paycom, and Evolution.
  • Experience with both payroll software and accounting software.

Understand our procedure

  • Company setup details.
  • Employee information gathering.
  • Selection of a suitable payroll schedule.
  • Accurate calculation of gross pay.
  • Determination of deductions.
  • Timely payment of employees.
  • Rigorous maintenance of payroll records for auditing.

FAQs for Bookkeeping Services

What aspects are covered by our payroll processing outsourcing services?

  • Payroll services encompass correct employee pay calculations, including EPF contributions and diligent deductions, comprising third-party payments.

How can I entrust my payroll to your expertise?

  • At DANP, the process begins by setting up a company, which involves gathering various details and collecting employee details. The selection of a suitable payroll schedule is essential for smooth operations. We process it further by accurately calculating gross pay and determining deductions for employee compensation. Our team rigorously maintains payroll records for seamless auditing processes and compliance with regulations.