Trust DANP for Audit Support Services

At DANP, we understand that building trust and credibility is paramount when seeking financial support from prospective lenders or preparing for a sale or merger. We know a clear and accurate financial picture is vital for success. That’s why we offer tailored audit support outsourcing capabilities to ensure your company’s credibility remains intact. Our professionals are committed to executing audit tasks with utmost precision, sparing no effort to maintain the high standards your business deserves. We acknowledge that audits can be time-consuming and costly for a CPA firm, and that’s where our expertise comes into play.
By efficiently processing audit working papers, we ensure deadlines are met, and errors are eliminated while saving you valuable time and resources. At DANP, we recognize that every firm’s needs vary, so we provide three distinct assurance services: audit, review, and compilation. You can rely on our expertise to help you determine the ideal level of service.

Comprehensive Audit Support services

  • We conduct a thorough pre-audit assessment to identify gaps and effectively plan the audit support task.
  • We facilitate the seamless rolling forward of electronic audit files on advanced audit software.
  • Our expertise allows us to migrate your traditional Excel audit files to electronic formats efficiently.
  • We perform rigorous casting procedures for internal consistency, mathematical accuracy, and reconciliation of lead schedules with final accounts.
  • We diligently ensure that your financial records comply with the relevant accounting standards and other applicable laws.
  • Our skilled professionals proactively engage with your audit team to promptly resolve queries and foster smooth communication.
  • We prepare detailed checklists to report any discrepancies found during the audit, ensuring that financial statements and future accounts are adjusted as needed for accuracy.
  • Our team actively assists the CPA firm in preparing the final audit report.
  • We are committed to meeting the audit closure timelines set by your company.

What Separates DANP?

  • Team of experienced and well-trained accountants specialized in US GAAP.
  • High-end software skills for increased efficacy and timely results.
  • Stringent data security policies and controls ensure safe and secure information. Our premises are always under surveillance to prevent any nefarious intent.
  • Cost reduction of up to 60% to optimize resource allocation.

FAQs for Audit Support Services

What is the pricing structure for your services?

  • The intricacies of the amount and complexity of the audit, with specific services sought, will shape the engagement.

What specific information will you require from me?

  • Last year’s Audit working papers
  • Last year’s signed accounts
  • Previous year’s disclosure and another checklist
  • Changes in the board and group structure

How can my business benefit from availing of your audit support outsourcing services?

Discover distinctive audit efficiency without compromising on quality. When you outsource to DANP, you can expect a seamless mixture of price affordability and timely delivery. Our strategic time zone difference means work progresses while you sleep, presenting you with a well-prepared desk upon your return. Welcome the opportunity to reclaim time and broaden your horizons, scaling up your business. Unlock new possibilities and success with our exceptional solutions by your side, empowering growth and boosting productivity.